• The Dynamic Palette

    Unleash your imagination with easy-to-blend paints, and add intricate details with the black marker

  • Unpainted Masterpiece

    Blank canvas as a playground of potential, ready to capture your unique artistic expression and transform into a breathtaking piece of art

  • Pre-Cut Decals

    Designed for you to quickly reach the most exciting part. Allow for quick and easy drawing without the need for painting skills

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Our Mission

Our brand is dedicated to creating a unique, sensual art experience at home. We understand the challenges of starting in art, so we created a kit of easy-to-use tools and materials. Our focus is on simplicity and uniqueness, encouraging beginners to explore their creativity in a personal and sensory way.

Immerse your space in the sensuality of art, where every stroke pulses with the power of love, adding a touch of spice to your personality.